Hazar Fazar. Yousry Sharif’s choreography Volume One


“Hazar Fazar” DVD taught in NYC in 1999.  Music from Wash Ya Wash Volume Two

Welcome to the Egyptian Master “Yousry Sharif’s” first choreography video ever! In this video Nourhan Sharif demonstrates and coaches you through the choreography Mr. Sharif taught at his weeklong workshop in 1999. The choreography is danced to the music “Hazar Fazar” from Wash Ya Wash Volume Two. This exquisite choreography is broken down into 8 manageable sections and demonstrated in half time and in real time, once you master a section you can move onto the next one! A must have for all Sharif students! Nourhan also performs the choreography in its entirely for your viewing pleasure!
This DVD is for those who desire to perfect the art of Raqs Sharqi, and master a full choreography by one of the greatest choreographers of our times!
Nourhan Sharif has 40 years of training, performance, and teaching experience in Middle Eastern Dance, specializing in Egyptian and Lebanese Cabaret and Folkloric dancing. Ms. Sharif resides in New York and is the Executive Director for the Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance. She currently teaches in NYC, via Skype & at workshops around the world.