Hazar Fazar DVD Nourhan & Yousry Sharif Choreography

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ID Hazar Fazar DVD Nourhan & Yousry Sharif Choreography 

Welcome to the Egyptian Master's Yousry Sharif & Nourhan Sharif choreography . Their first choreography DVD  ! In this DVD Nourhan Sharif demonstrates and coaches you through the choreography Mr. Sharif created at the week long workshop in 1999 putting all of her flavoring on top of it.  This exquisite choreography is broken down into 8 manageable sections and demonstrated in half time and in real time. Once you master a section, you can move onto the next one. Nourhan also performs the choreography in its entirety for your viewing pleasure.  This is a great piece for a troupe to perform and students to take sections !